Parish Mission Planning Update

Parish Mission Planning Update

On April 1st Oshkosh Parish Mission Planning (PMP) Representatives along with Lourdes Academy and Religious Ed Representatives met as planned. They discussed each of their PMP findings thus far and looked at what they can share in a consolidated “Action Plan” for developing “Missionary Disciples” in our churches, schools and communities.

On April 8th the St. Jude Parish Mission Planning Representatives met with the PMP Committee Team Members to share the results of the Joint Parish and Schools meeting of April 1st. Our St. Jude PMP Committee Team members then proceeded to work on our own parish needs and goals. The team took our top 20 list of Evangelization, Discipleship, and Community Impact Needs and prioritized the list and came up with the Top 5. These top 5 were placed in one of the following categories: Enabling Evangelization, Empowering Collaborative Leadership, Expressing Abundant Sundays, Equipping Spiritual Maturity or in Community Impact. The team then transformed the five priorities into Goal statements. These Goals are concise statements of what the Parish and/or Schools will do over the next 1 to 3 years.

At our next meeting, April 15th, the PMP team will be creating concise “Action Plans” step by step from start to finish for each of the top 5 goals. Please pray for the Parish Mission Planning Team as they continue to work towards the finish line.

Stay tuned for our next update. Check the bulletin weekly.

Prayerfully Yours,

Kathie Geffers
Parish Mission Planning
Communication Liaison