Youth Resources

Youth Resources

Recent Scandal.

Reacting to the Church’s Scandal   Life Teen [Video
The Broken and Blessed Catholic Church   Fr Josh Johnson [Video
The Darkness of Scandal and the Light of Christ    Life Teen [Article]  
Why Remain Catholic (With So Much Scandal)     Bishop Robert Barron [Video


Why Does God Let Us Suffer?     Chris Stefanick [Video
The Meaning of Suffering     Father Mike Schmitz [Video
Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen?   Father Mike Schmitz [Video
Will God Heal My Wounds?    Father Mike Schmitz [Video]
Pope Francis thoughts on Suffering    Catholic News Agency [Article]


Pro-Life Crash Course      Stand to Reason [Article]
How to be Pro-Life : A Guide for Every Day of the Year      Life Teen [Article]
When Does Human Life Begin      Catholic Answers [Video]
How Jesus taught us to be Pro-Life      Life Teen [Blog Post]
Why We March      Ascension Presents [Video]
Debunking Planned Parenthood    Live Action [Video]

Love & Relationships.

Finding “the One”   Father Mike Schmitz [Video
Love is an Ability / Dating     Father Mike Schmitz [Video
Mastering Love & Relationships     Father Mike Schmitz [Video
How do You Know if You Found the One     Jackie Francoise [Video
MEN: What Should you Seek in Relationships?   Jason Evert [Video]
Tips to Ease a Breakup     Christina Mead [Video]
The “Dump Him” List     Christalina Evert [Video]
Scripture Verses for After a BreakUp   Katie Hartfeil [Article]

The Chastity Project (Jason Evert)


Love and Same Sex Attraction     Fr Mike Schmitz [Video]
Love and Same Sex Attraction     Chris Mueller [Video]
Love and Same Sex Attraction     Jason Evert [Video]
The Third Way     Blackstone Films [Video]
The Church and Homosexuality     Jason Evert [Video]

Gender Identity.

Bruce Jenner and the Transgender Question     Fr Mike Schmitz  [Video]
​Is There a Difference Between Sex and Gender?     Jason Evert  [Video]
How Does God See Transgender People?     Jason Evert  [Video]​
Sexuality, Gender, and Discovering Catholicism     Ascension Press  [Video]

Sex & Chastity.

Love or Lust?     Jason and Chrystalina Evert [Video]
What is Chastity?     Jason Evert [Video]
Chastity Advice that Actually Works     Jackie and Bobby  [Video]
How Far is Too Far     Jason Evert [Video]
Lifeteen 5 Part Series      [Part 1]  [Part 2]  [Part 3]  [Part 4]  [Part 5]
Why Chastity?     Jason Evert [Video]
When are you Ready for Sex?    Jason Evert [Video]
If We’re in Love, is Sex Okay?     Jason Evert [Video]
Is there a Such Thing as Safe Sex?     Jason Evert [Video]
Temptation/Unwanted Thoughts     Fr Mike Schmitz [Video]
Avoiding Impurity     Fr Mike Schmitz [Video]
How Far is Too Far Before Marriage?     Jackie Francoise [Video]


What is it and Why?      Leah Darrow [Video]
Bikinis and Modesty     Jackie Francoise [Video]
Why Modesty      Jason Evert [Video]
Lies I Tell Myself about Modesty      Melissa Keating [Article]

Body Image / Self Doubt.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show      Emily Wilson [Video]
5 Things that aren’t Helping Your Body Image     Christina Mead [Blog Post]
For Everyone Doubting Themselves      Lead Darrow [Video]
The Truth about Diets and Weight Loss      Dr. John Oertle [Blog Post]

​Suicide Prevention Hotline

Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

Winnebago County Crisis Intervention Center

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