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Music Ministries

These ministries invite the parish community into the prayer of song during our liturgical celebrations.F

Adult Choir

This organization provides music leadership for the congregation. Choral arrangements are prepared to enhance liturgical music with harmonies and descants, yet still encouraging the congregation to sing along with the prayers of song. The choir is comprised of adults and young adults from grade 9 and up. Through rehearsals, individuals learn parts and read music from the scores. Volunteers are also introduced to vocal techniques to improve signing.

Time Commitment: Rehearsals are once a week from September through May, on Wednesday. The choir sings two Sundays a month and at special liturgical celebrations

Instrumentalists and Cantors

Together, cantors and accompanists offer support for community prayer through song and reflection. Anyone with good vocal sound or an ability to play an instrument are encouraged to help in the power of prayer though song. We are in need of all instruments.

Involvement: A schedule is set up for the weekend services and cantors or instrumentalists will be scheduled within their time availability. Practices will be scheduled as necessary.

Small Music Groups

For musicians who are not able to join the choir, singing or playing in a small group my be an appealing option. Small groups provide music at various liturgies. Practice occurs one hour before the specific mass.

Perpetual Adoration Chapel

Come Spend One Hour With Me…

How can I increase my spiritual life? How can I increase my faith and love for Christ? Where can I find the grace, peace and holiness that is so essential for living as a good Catholic, and carrying out the work God has asked me to do?

Have you considered Eucharistic Adoration?

We are truly blessed to have Eucharistic Adoration right here in Oshkosh.  The city-wide Adoration Chapel is located at Most Blessed Sacrament – St. Mary’s Church (605 Merritt Ave, – use side door between school & church). The chapel is perpetual – open 24 hours, 7 days a week including Holidays!  Anyone is welcome to come to pray at any time, and some people choose to be scheduled for a regular hour each week.

Security code needed after 9:00 pm till 6:00 am.

“I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.  
No one comes to the Father, except through me.”

John 14:6

Please prayerfully consider becoming a regular Eucharistic adorer. 

Be assured that if you give the gift of an hour of your time to Jesus, He will bestow on you blessings and peace that cannot be imagined!  God cannot be outdone in generosity!

To schedule a regular weekly hour or for questions, security code please call Kathie Reed at 920-539-6871.

Liturgical Ministries

Vibrant liturgies provide prayerful and inspiring celebrations that praise God and revitalize personal and community faith. The following ministries are overseen by our Worship & Spiritual Life Committee. Training for all ministers is provided.

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Lectors proclaim the Word of God in the Scripture readings to all the faithful gathered at liturgy. Anyone with a good reading ability and a good reading voice may be a lector.

Time Commitment: Once a month at a specific mass.

Extraordinary Ministers of Communion

Communion Ministers assist in serving the Body & Blood of Christ to the community. They may also wash and clean the vessels after Mass. Ministers must be confirmed, have a love and understanding of Eucharist, and attend a training session.

Involvement: Ministers are assigned to specific week(s) and mass times(s) each month. Training is provided.


There are various aspects of this ministry. This ministry is open to individuals who want to assist with liturgy preparation, care and maintenance of liturgical vessels, and many other areas. Liturgy preparation is also a good ministry for families.

Area of sacristan ministry: Altar set-up before mass (individuals or families).

Ministers of Hospitality

Hospitality Ministers extend a welcome to all people as they enter the church. This act sets the tone for a warm and inviting community and is crucial to the growth of our parish. Families are encouraged to sign up together.

Time Commitment: once or twice a month.


Ushers share in the ministry of hospitality by creating an atmosphere of welcome and comfort for the weekend liturgies. The help find people seating, collect and present our financial offerings, and usher the community to receive Eucharist. All members are invited to participate in this ministry.

Time Commitment: Specified weekend masses at a monthly basis or specified weeks each month.

Photo by Tim McEnroe.

Altar Servers

Altar Servers assist the priest during the celebration of the Eucharist and other liturgical ceremonies. Altar servers (male and female) range in age from fourth grade through adult.

Time Commitment: Once or twice a month.

Funeral Altar Servers

Funeral Altar Servers are needed to give assistance to the presider and families at funeral liturgies.

Time Commitment: Two hours, usually in the morning, as needed.

Art and Environment Committee

This committee is a sub-committee of the Worship and Spiritual Life Committee. It plans and prepares the worship environment from the moment people walk in the door of the church including the various flowers or banners. The goal of the ministry is to show the movement of the liturgical season through its arts. Many hands are welcomed as we change from one season to another.

Involvement: Volunteers are needed throughout the year. Extra help is especially needed at Christmas and at Easter.

Alter Linen & Vessel Ministers

These ministers assist with the laundering and repair of altar linens, sewing and repair of server and priest albs, changing of candles, and candle holder maintenance.

Time commitment: once or twice a month.

Specialized Ministries

Marriage Preparation Ministry

FOCCUS stands for Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding, and Study. FOCCUS Ministry consists of couples who help ‘facilitate’ the process of preparing our engaged couples for marriage. We are in need of couples who are willing to work with engaged couples. Training is provided.

Baptism Preparation Team

The purpose of the team is to prepare parents of the infant candidates for the sacrament of Baptism and to help them understand the commitment they, as parents, are undertaking. The Baptism Preparation Team builds up the community of Christ within the parish.

For more information on getting involved with any of these ministries, please contact Randy Weddig.