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Christmas Mass Schedule

We invite you to join us to celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus, at St. Jude’s or at one of the other Oshkosh Catholic parishes. All are welcome! Christmas Eve (Tuesday, December 24) 4:00 pm     St. Jude, St. Vincent Church (Children’s Mass) 4:00 pm     St. Jude, Sacred Heart Church 4:00 pm     Most…

Christmas Giving Opportunity: Box of Joy

HELP TEACH OUR CHILDREN ABOUT THE JOY OF GIVING THIS CHRISTMAS! Please consider taking part in this great BOX OF JOY opportunity! EMPTY Boxes will be made available in the back of church FOR YOU TO FILL WITH JOY and will be packaged for shipping on December 1st.  We work with the Cross Catholic Outreach program to ensure that children in need are not deprived of Christmas…

EAA Food Booth: Thank you!

Thanks to everyone who volunteered at the St. Jude EAA Food Booth for your dedication, donations, and time … And special thanks to the leadership team for their hard work, commitment, and coordination! May all travelers to Oshkosh for EAA have a safe trip home, and a safe return next year!