Our Community Garden Is Growing!

Our Community Garden Is Growing!

Community Garden boxes on the St. Jude Parish Center patio, June 2019.

Come visit our Community Garden! Our little garden boxes are located at the Sacred Heart site of St. Jude the Apostle Parish behind the Parish Center building.

It’s no secret that the first job given to humans was that of tending a garden. In His generosity, God deemed it good to let man and woman tend and steward His good creation. The Caring for God’s Creation Committee (C4GC) has planted two small raised gardens with vegetables that will be used to help feed the hungry in our parish and perhaps later, our parish neighborhood. All are welcome to share the bounty. Our purpose is to foster a sense of Christian community within the parish by developing relationships with each other as well as our neighbors. Planting and tending a common garden will provide the opportunity for friendly communication, reveal our concern for the welfare of others, glorify God in work and play and steward the gifts that God has given us.

All current and future costs are covered by the committee. We had a generous donation of $100.00 from the Oshkosh Garden Club to begin this project. Herbs and veggies were planted, and we ask that nothing be added or removed from the garden area at this time. Please contact a C4GC committee member and NOT the Parish Office with suggestions, questions, concerns and requests. (C4GC Members: Marilyn Griffin, Luann Rodriguez, Paula Macho, Sharon Uselman, Barbara Hubertus, Teri Doughty)


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