Book Discussion
  • 1025 W. 5th Avenue, Oshkosh WI 54902

  • St. Jude Parish Center

Book Discussion

“Michael Higgins’ Jean Vanier: Logician of the Heart is an eloquent and moving meditation on what it means to be truly human in a ‘throwaway’ culture where competition, corporate greed and inequality reign supreme. Vanier’s work among the physically and intellectually vulnerable reveals the cost and joy of radical love. By emphasizing our common frailty and the openness and capacity of the disabled to allow Jesus to find repose in their hearts, he challenges us to enflesh tenderness in our own lives, become ‘God’s refuge’ in a largely uncaring world. A book to be treasured and reread.”

—James Clarke, poet, judge, author of L’Arche Journal: A Family’s Experience in Jean Vanier’s Community

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