Parish Directory Update

Parish Directory Update

After two busy weeks, the parish directory photos are done! Thank you to everyone who participated. About 420 photos were taken.

In the next few weeks our team on volunteers will be working on production of the front of the directory. This section will include photos of parish life, especially the events and groups that contribute so much to our community.

The directory will then go into production the week after Easter. (This will allow us to include some Easter 2019 photos in the front of the book.)

From there it will take about a month to finalize and approve proofs, then about a month to print and ship the directories. So you can expect to receive your copy of the directory sometime in early to mid-July.

If you ordered photos and want to change your order, don’t hesitate to call Lifetouch at 1-888-313-1746. Everyone who was photographed will receive a free 8” x 10” print and a free copy of the directory. If that’s all you wanted but felt you were pressured into buying more, it’s not too late to cancel or change your order!