Religious Ed Parent Handbook



We are a community that celebrates faith.

Ours is a community, not of neighborhood, but of choice.

We recognize and respect the wide diversity of persons who come together to celebrate. Our celebrations encompass sacramental moments, significant life experiences, and parish social gatherings.

We see ourselves as striving to be a people of on-going conversions, of reaching out to those in need, and of life-long do the right and to love goodness, and to walk humbly with your God (Mi 6:8)

This recognition of who we are directs us to focus upon the following dimensions:

Liturgy, which is life-giving;

Peace and Social Justice, which compels us to confront the sins of our Times;

Education Opportunities, which lead to wholeness and holiness offered for all ages, with an emphasis on adult learning;

Small Christian Communities, which provide a unique experience of Church, and,

Stewardship, which challenges us to share our time, talent, and treasure.

With God's help may we attain, in a deeper way, all that we are and hope to become.



The Saint Jude Religious Education Office is located in the Parish Office Building at 1025 West 5th Ave.




PreSchool,Elementary & Middle  7 High School Coordinator: Michele Spanbauer

Phone: 235-7412 E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


All students must be registered prior to the first evening of Religious Education classes (this does not apply to new students enrolling during the school year). All students who attend Religious Education classes must register each year, we cannot assume your child will be returning. Please register by calling the Religious Education offices.


It is our belief and understanding that the home is the most influential force in the life of a child. Religious Education is the HELPMATE of the home. It is our common understanding that our program is here to enrich and supplement the faith you have instilled within your family home.


Our goal is to help provide an atmosphere for personal growth according to the ability and needs of each child as a whole person: that is the spiritual, moral, physical, and intellectual aspect of his/her life. We try to help each student to experience Jesus' personal love so that he or she will make a spontaneous response to Christianity in daily life. It is also a program that offers each child the opportunity to respond with thoughtful action, initiative, and creativity.


Parish members volunteer to serve as Catechists or aides in our program. They do an incredible job and we appreciate their commitment. Training and support is provided for these volunteers throughout the year of their commitment. In-services and encouragement to obtain their Religious Certification assures that our students are receiving the most updated and current theology. All catechists and aides will have ‘VIRTUS' training through the Green Bay Diocese - "Protecting Our Children" workshop.

If you are interested in serving as either a catechist or aide, please call the office. The more hands helping to provide service the better the program.


All parents are encouraged to attend our first evening of classes to meet the Catechists, visit the classes, and ask questions of the coordinators. Families with students in sacramental programs are required to attend parent/child meetings, which provide you with information about the sacrament, the program, and its celebrations. These meetings are two part sessions: adult education and parent/child prayer services.


Parents of children in sacramental programs are required to attend parent meetings in order for their children to receive the sacrament.



Please read and, if necessary, respond to all communications sent home by the catechist and/or coordinator/director of the program. Parent letters with communication regarding updating of the program will be mailed periodically. We also encourage classroom visits with prior notification.


The Religious Education Department provides all supplies and take-home folders.



Parents will be scheduled to help monitor inside the building as well as helping students outside the building. Schedules for the parent helpers will be sent out through the mail. We ask that you plan as best possible to be there for you specific task. If you are unable to be present, please call the office as soon as you receive your schedule. Please do not wait until the evening of your scheduled duty to call and cancel. Each area of responsibility must be covered. Information regarding this will be sent out to you prior to your scheduled evening. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Grades 1 - 11 need to use only the 5th Avenue entrance, the doors located on Knapp Street are locked for safety reasons. Dropping off and picking up your child can become quite a hectic scene since the building is located on a busy street. Again SAFETY is an issue. Common sense dictates that students are dropped off on the side of the street, which the building is located. PLEASE DO NOT DROP CHILDREN OFF ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BUILDING. There have been near accidents as children try to dodge moving traffic to get across. Please avoid creating dangerous traffic situations. Patience with one another is a virtue that must be practiced on scheduled evenings. Please come into the building to pick up your children. If your child is going home with someone else, please send a note and give it to the coordinator, who will in turn give it to the catechist. Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated

Students are asked to be in their classes on time. However, we do understand that families are shifting schedules and rushing to get children from here to there. If your child will be later than 15 minutes, please call the office so catechist's can be informed.


We ask you as parents to also participate in Family Events during Religious Education special evenings. Please check the program calendar and mark it as an evening to gather with your son or daughter. Parent support during these evenings continues to affirm in your child the importance of faith.


Registered students are required to attend 80% of scheduled classes making up all required class work.


Students in the program must complete all class work including work missed during absence. Less than 100% of class work requires the student to attend the same grade the following year until work is completed. Students must be enrollend the year prior to receiving a Sacrament.  Failure to enroll in a Diocesan faith formation program for that year will postpone the reception of the sacrament in question.


Any student wishing to bring a guest on a class night is welcome to do so. These guests are to register in the Religious Education Office on the evening that they are visiting. All guests are expected to follow the same rules as any student. After three (3) consecutive visits, registration information will be sent to the family for formal enrollment in the parish program.


Information about learning disabilities or other personal problems should be communicated on the child's registration form. This will allow for the student and the catechist to develop a healthier relationship and provide for protection against harmful reactions in the classes. We want to be able to minister to each child, as individual needs dictate. Confidentiality will be held between Religious Education Staff and catechist.


Parents need to take care of all medication needs before bringing children to class. If a child needs medication during class, the parent is required to come and administer it.


All students enrolled in the Religious Education Program must have parent permission in written form to leave the parish grounds on scheduled evening classes or other related Religious Education activities. All students will be transported via a certified state licensed bus company when participating in activities or events related to the program.


All students enrolled in the program are expected to be present for Religious Education Classes. If your child is ill or there is a family concern, we ask that you call the Religious Education Office as soon as possible to notify us. WE WILL BE CALLING PARENTS FOR THOSE STUDENTS MISSING WHO HAVE NOT CALLED THE OFFICE PRIOR TO CLASS. We are doing this to safeguard your child.

TARDINESS will be noted on the student's attendance record. Usually we allow 5-10 minutes because families are rushing to get their child to class. It helps us to inform catechists if your child will be arriving a little later than 6:10, so we ask you to please call the office informing us of this.

Many Middle/High school students are just arriving from after school events, such as sports, music practices and play practices. Encourage your son/daughter to get to class in time. Attendance forms will be collected 15 minutes after classes begin and calls to parents will be made. Again, if they are going to be late, please call the R.E. Office as soon as possible.

Students missing an evening of class may be called by their catechist updating them on the material they missed and a simple homework project due the following week will be given. All class work must be made up even if parents call in for the student. The concepts to be learned are built upon each week.

If your child is severely ill and will be missing several class evenings, please call the coordinator so we can set up materials to be covered at home, so he/she won't fall behind in the work being done in the class.


Families home schooling children must meet with a staff member and follow the proper curriculum handed down from the Diocesan Office in Green Bay. Families must register through the office and pay tuition as any other family. Students in this form of program will be responsible to complete the work required as well as complete a closing interview with the staff person in order to move on to the next year.


Students are expected to conduct themselves in a Christian manner, showing respect for all catechists and students, staff, and support staff. This behavior is expected before classes begin, while in session, and departure. Disruptive behavior will be dealt with in the following manner.

1. Catechists will remind the students of proper behavior and will expect cooperation from the student.

2. The Coordinator will handle continued disruptive behavior.

3. In the case of extreme discipline problems, parents will be called and will be required to meet with both the catechist and the coordinator.


The Religious Education Program follows all Diocesan procedures in the event of an emergency. If the public schools close due to inclement weather, Religious Education classes are also canceled. If weather conditions deteriorate later in the afternoon or early evening, (when school closings are no longer an issue) please use your best judgment in regard to sending your child to class. You and your child's safety are our concern. If time permits, a message of class cancellations will be aired on the local radio stations as well as on our website: Contact Religious Education office if you have questions.


The actual cost of educating one student in the Religious Education Program is $250.00 per year. Our program fee is listed below. Any family who is able and is willing to assume a larger share of the cost is gratefully encouraged to do so.


Please note: A "registered parishioner" has registered with the Parish Secretary in the Rectory. Registering in the Religious Education Program does not constitute "membership" in the parish.


Cost per Child $70.00

Not to exceed $140.00 per family

Sacramental year: Grade 2 please add an additional $20.00 per sacrament - $40.00 total.

Confirmation Program fee: $20.00 per person


Please inform the Religious Education Director or Pastor, if you are having trouble meeting the required tuition payment. Payment plans are available.

No child will be turned away due to financial hardship.